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My Pack

There's just the four of us in the pack: mummie, daddy, me and Hughie.


Hughie is my doggy companion and my cousin. He's ball crazy, as you can see. His real name is C-Myste Sir Hugh Evans, FM, CGC, JHD, HS, CD. Go to Hughie's web page to find out what all those letters mean. They say I'm dumb, but that's not fair. I never got to go to skool like Hughie. I was too busy with my babees.

Hughie in dog bed


I know who I belong to. Mummie! I follow her around the house and lay my head on her feet when she sits down. She gives me lots of pats and calls me sweetheart and her little darling. Mummie gives me little tidbits to eat.



I love daddy too. If mummie's not home, I follow daddy around. He calls me pumpkin pie and tells me I'm beautiful. He likes to get us dancing.

daddy dancing