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My Jobs

My jobs are foot warmer, kitchen duty, keeping evil out of the back yard, peeking around corners, and looking pretty.

Foot Warmer

My primary job is foot warmer and I'm very good at it. Most of the time I warm mummie and daddy's feet. But when we get a visitor, I like to lay my head on their feet, for a change.

foot warmer

Kitchen Duty

My favourite job is kitchen duty. I keep the floor clean and sometimes get to prewash dishes.

floor cleaning dish washing

Keeping Evil Out of the Back Yard

Hughie and I keep evil out of the back yard. The worst evil is Carlos the black cat who tries to come in and stalk the birds at the bird feeders.

evil out

We tell him! He doesn't get very far with us around. We take our job seriously.


Peeking Around Corners

Mummie and daddy like the way I peek around corners, so I consider it one of my jobs. I try to do it whenever I can.


Looking Pretty

Looking pretty is one of my easier jobs. All I have to do is tuck under one of my front paws and mummie and daddy tell me I'm beautiful.

pretty me