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My Friends

Bud, Nan and Fafa, Darrell and Gramma are more than my best friends. They are really my extended pack.


Bud and Hughie and me are pals. He belongs to Nan and Fafa. Bud comes to stay with us sometimes when Nan and Fafa go away. Mummie and daddy say Bud patrols. I guess that's what he's doing when he gets up in the night and walks around the house.

cousin bud

Bud and Hughie and me like rasslin together.


Nan and Fafa

Nan and Fafa call Hughie and me their grandhounds. Fafa claims I am holder of the world land speed record for dogs under 18", to be verifed. I don't know if he's serious or not.

Nan and Fafa

Sometimes we go and stay with Nana and Fafa in their house. Their house is like our home away from home. We get the best snacks there.

at Nan and Fafa's

Here's a picture of us relaxing at Nan and Fafa's house. I'm not allowed on the couch anymore (don't ask me why HE is), but Nan and Fafa love me and give me a pillow for my head.



Uncle Darrell likes to play with us. He throws Hughie's ball for him and lets me put my head on his feet. He invites us over to his house for barbeques.

uncle Darrell


Gramma and I have lots in common. We are both old ladies and we are both sweet.