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Our Home

We live in a house in Tsawwassen, B.C. We used to live in a condo on the third floor in Vancouver but this much better, though I do miss the cookie lady that lives there.

Our House

This is our house, and that's me and Hughie out front.

our house

Where We Eat

This is the kitchen, one of my favourite places. When's dinner?

Where we eat

Where We Sleep

This is where we sleep, or where I used to, anyway. Hughie still gets to sleep on the bed. Sleeping on the bed is where I got the nickname "the lump."


Now I sleep on a pillow on the floor beside mummie. I'm not allowed on the bed anymore (pout).

where I sleep

The Back Yard

This is the back yard where Hughie and I often sit and watch for evil intruders and chase them away. Little birds are allowed.

back yard

The worst evil of all...

evil cat

Our Car

This is our car that we sometimes all go for rides in.

our car