How I got here

I was a new mom on Branstock Farm in Georgia with four puppies. When they were old enough, they were sent away to good homes (upon my approval) until only one was left. My owner Sue Mesa told me that there was someone in Canada who really wanted to have me and that I was going to a new home, too, where I would have my very own humans. Apparently, my great-grandmother, Sparkey, used to live there.

I waited patiently because it's my philosophy that good things come to those who wait. Still, I was nervous that day in May 2008 when I went for a long plane ride from Atlanta to Seattle. A strange man and woman and their two corgis picked me up at the airport. They had an irritating boy puppy about the same age as the one I left behind, and a big, scary old man corgi. I stayed close to the lady, but I was afraid of the man and that old corgi.

They took me across the border to their house near Vancouver, BC. Here I am on my arrival at my new home in Canada. This is my "deer in the headlights" picture. Coming from the farm life, I was lean and made of spring steel back then. (I'm a little on the pleasantly plump side now that I'm a princess.)

Dixie on arrival

I stayed close to the lady. She let me sit on her chair with her. She said she didn't know she was getting a lap dog amd she was thrilled about it.

Dixie and mummie

But that nuisance puppy named Radar was always crowding us.

Radar jealous

In the beginning that nuisance puppy, Radar, would run up to me and shake a stuffed toy in my face and then run away. I didn’t know what he wanted. Soon he’d be back and he’d shake it again. Once I tried to grab the stuffed toy and we got into a tug of war. It was kind of fun. I could out-run him easily back then, but now that he's older he chases me down pretty easily.


At first I missed my home, and my people, and my puppy. But then I settled down into my new life. The old man corgi's name was Hughie, and I soon figured out that even though he was gruff he would never hurt anything.

Dixie and Hughie

The man that I was afraid of turned out to be better than all right. He became my daddie, and Oh!, he can give the best belly rubs ever! Belly rubs are my favouritest of favourite things.

belly rubs