Radar's first ten weeks were spent at the home of his breeders, Al & Lynn Alcock of Welgem's Cardigan Welsh Corgis in Whitehorse, Yukon. Al and Lynn take wonderful care of the baby puppies and post weekly video and still updates on their web site. We have shamelessly snagged some of the pictures that show the development of Radar and his siblings.

December 23, 2007

Six days old:

Radar, his mum, Katie, and all his three brothers and four sisters are in there somewhere:

Radar's dad, Solly, investigates:

December 30, 2007

Thirteen days old:

The boys:

The girls

January 6, 2008

Three weeks old:

The boys. Andy, Kobi, Harry & Radar:

The girls. Teagan, Murphie, Merino and Becky:

January 13, 2008

Four weeks old, just after his first bath:

In the basement. The old lady on the left is Squeaky, and the sable fellow on the right is Uncle Duncan:

Duncan adores puppies:

January 20, 2008

Five weeks old:

Al and the boys:

Lynn and the girls:

Puppy transporter:

January 27, 2008

Six weeks old:

The boys. Radar, Kobi, Andy & Harry:

The girls. Murphie, Teagan, Becky & Merino:

February 3, 2008

Seven weeks old

The boys:

The girls:

I have no idea how Al & Lynn managed to photograph eight wriggly puppies like this.

February 10, 2008

Eight weeks old:

The boys

The girls, including Teagan with her ears up.

February 17, 2008

Nine weeks old, and waiting to be adopted:

Three puppies have left, and Andy is thinking about putting his ears up.

The next day, after hard thinking, we decided to adopt Radar, and are we glad we did.


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