Introducing Radar

Updated July 1, 2009



Radar is officially called Welgem Silver Topaz.
He is a brindle and white Cardigan Welsh corgi.
He was born on December 17, 2007 in Whitehorse, Yukon.
Since February 23, 2008 he is owned by Ron & Kathleen Stewart
in southwestern British Columbia.

In August 2008, we took Radar back to his birthplace
for a reunion with his littermates Andy and Becki.
Here is a high-def video of the event hosted on
Make sure that HD is on while you watch it, and it should
look okay in full-screen mode.

Cardigan Corgi Reunion from Ron Stewart on Vimeo.

And here is a longer, but low-def version of the same video on youtube



We set up the camera to figure out how Radar was sliding open
the screen door. This time, unfortunately, he chose a more direct route.
A bit over six months old.

Have a look at Radar meeting sheep for the first time. That's Shelley Fritzke
teaching him the ropes. Next year, we plan to start serious training.


Radar is squire to Sir Hugh Evans, but Hughie was not sure that he wanted a squire at first.

The above picture was taken on February 23, the one below on April 30.

They are getting along very well now. This was April 30.

Below are shots from May 5. You can see that Radar pesters Hughie, but he really loves his "uncle."

Yes, that is a hole through his ear. Click here for the story.

Link to many pictures of Radar's early life.