C-Myste Sir Hugh Evans, FM, CGC, JHD, HS, CD

(April 3, 1996 - May 15, 2010)

Ron and Kathleen Stewart's Cardigan Welsh Corgi

These photos were taken on Hughie's last morning.

People who have owned more than one dog in a lifetime will often name one who was particularly special. For Ron, that dog was Hughie.

Because we have full-time jobs, and our dog would be alone all day, we asked Carolyn Cannon, his breeder, to find the most independent pet puppy in the litter. We were thrilled when she told us that we were getting the second puppy, with the astonishing good looks that he inherited from his father, Smoky. Hughie certainly was independent, but the lasting impression of Hughie was his intensity. He was smart, focussed, hard-headed and demanding. In his youth he pushed all the limits. Once we found flyball, he had a job, and he became obedient and reliable. He became such a good dog, we forgot that he had ever been troublesome.

We never got to find out which he preferred: flyball or sheep herding. He had so much herding instinct and drive that Ron could hardly handle him. An experienced handler might have taken him far. But arthritis cut short both careers, with high titles in flyball and low titles in herding. In obedience, he earned both the Canine Good Citizen and the demanding Companion Dog titles.

Hughie was always good with other dogs. He liked anybody who would throw a ball for him. He always wanted his days to run according to a routine, and in his last few years, that desire became extreme. Hughie thrived on control and order.

When Sparkey died, we got Radar the puppy. We believe that Radar extended Hughie's life by giving him the role of mentor. Then we got Sparkey's great-granddaughter, Dixie. Even though Hughie could not get around very well, the younger dogs absolutely submitted to him. He had great presence, like his sire.

In the end, the arthritis was just too much for the little fellow, and we had to let him go.

The Great Hughie. There will not be another.

Introducing Sir Hugh's squire, Radar

Click on the picture to visit his temporary site.

It is March 2008, and Hughie is nearly twelve. He is sore all the time, but good painkillers help a lot.
The new puppy wants to play constantly, and Hughie treats him well, but obviously wishes that he would go away.
We will be getting a young adult female in May, who should take the pressure off Hughie.

I made this flyball video in 2001. It features Hughie's last tournament.

Our friend Richard Woo took these pictures for this web page in the summer of 2006. Hughie was ten.

Hughie in the back yard with a ball.


If you want to find Hughie, follow the ball.


Under Ron's desk. Hughie always reclines with his back to the wall.


In putting these pictures together, I note that Hughie is very consistent. Compare the above two shots.


Photographer Richard's young dog Buddy tries to get Hughie to play.


Buddy finally got the point that Hughie does not play with puppies.


So, what has changed in the six years since this page was last updated?

Hughie was diagnosed with hip displasia in 2001, so he had to retire from sports.
He also has had some arthritis and a broken bone in his paws that resulted in a couple of toes being amputated.

We moved from a waterfront condominium in Vancouver to a house in the suburb called Tsawwassen. Hughie defends the house and yard.

Sparkey has a new web site.

We have all grown older and wiser.

- end of 2006 content - we now return you to 2000 -

animated flyball hughie

Hughie earned his Companion Dog title,
and High in Class, Novice A (all breeds)
and High Scoring Cardigan
at the Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club National Specialty,
held in conjunction with the Kennebecasis Obedience Club
in Rothsay, New Brunswick, on August 19, 2000!

Check out all the prizes!

(That's Ron on the right. Think he looks proud?)

On the beach.

This was Hughie's cousin and roommate Sparkey. She passed away in late 2007.
Click on her to visit her web page.


Waiting for somebody to throw the ball.

Returning with the ball.


One day I might try to fix these videos, but don't hold your breath.

Little test video
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Hughie doing flyball - 1.2 MB
Hughie being silly on tv
- 1 MB

Hughie herding sheep when he was a rookie - 4 MB

Hughie herding sheep after some training - 11 MB (huge) 
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Frapping with Glowbear

At Flyball practice - age 13 months

Hughie is named after Sir Hugh Evans, the comical Welsh parson in Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor." He is a black and white Cardigan Welsh Corgi who was born on April 3, 1996 in Oregon. We picked him up eleven weeks later, and took him home to Vancouver, BC.

When he was approaching his first birthday, we started learning flyball. His first couple of tournaments were less than successful, but he became quite reliable, and has earned his Flyball Master title. He'll never be fast, but he is on a fast team. To see his latest status, click here.

Then we discovered the Joys of Herding Sheep. In 1999 we went to several trials. We we successful about half the time, and Hughie earned a Junior Herding Dog title from the AHBA and a Herding Started title from the CKC.

In August, 2000, Hughie earned his CKC Companion Dog title in the obedience trial at the Canadian Cardigan Corgi Club national specialty. His Canine Good Citizen certificate came a year earlier.

Click here for Hughie's first year

Click here for more pictures.

Click here for his pictorial pedigree

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A gathering of corgis at C-Myste Kennels in June 1998

Trigger - Hughie's "cousin"

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Ken Lassessen took the two photos on the beach.
Kathleen Carter created the animated flyball Hughie.