My pack

There's 5 of us in my pack, and it’s best when we’re all togther. That means, Radar and me, and Hughie and mummie and daddie.

whole pack


Radar was just a puppy when I first met him (and a brat, too).

Radar puppy.

Now he's my best friend.

best friends


Hughie’s old, but he’s boss. When he’s got the chewie, we don’t dare take it from him. Some call him "the Great Hughie".

great Hughie

Mummie and Daddie

Mummie and I have a special bond. Mummie's who I belong to. I like to be where she is. She calls me her pretty girl, her little dear, and Dixiecup.

Dixie kiss

Daddie is gentle and kind and he takes us places.

Daddie and us dogs