My buddy

The best of friends

Dixie and Radar

Radar and I are are each other’s sidekick. We do just about everything together. We lounge together in our chair... er, I mean, mummie’s chair.

our chair

We watch out the window for evil cats and squirrels in the back yard.


We run and play in the back yard.


We snooze together.


Dog park

Radar and me and mummie and daddie go out for walks around the neighbourhood. Radar loves to meet other dogs, but I’m not so sure about them. I don't mind saying a quick hello to other people, though.

Sometimes we go for a drive to the dog park. We get to run around off-leash and play with lots of dogs (Radar is in heaven), and there's things to climb on.

dog park

Our manners at dinner

We have to practice our sit-stays at dinner. We have to sit and stay while our bowls are put down, and we can’t eat until we're told.